Heat | Get Out of the Fire

You know what they say. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the fire. For those fellow type A personalities, you probably responded with something along the lines of “turn it up!” Be careful what you ask for. My motto for this year is “simplify.” Quite the opposite of “turn it up.” It […]

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Utility | The Swiss Are On To Something

This Aware Appreciation process is doing just what it’s designed to do. I am noticing all sorts of things that are worthy of appreciation. Several of the things on my list today serve multiple purposes…sort of like the Swiss Army Knife. I had to wonder if the Swiss Army Knife was really a Swiss invention. […]

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Easy | It’s a Good Thing

If you’re like me, you may make things more difficult than they need to be on occasion. My “programming” seems to create challenges to make an accomplishment seem more worthwhile. Crazy, I know! It can help to remind ourselves regularly that “easy is good.” And, a great way to do that is by appreciating ease […]

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Sleep | A Good Night of it Makes Everything Better

For many years, I have had problems sleeping. Turns out that all the stressful years managing the accounting firm had the effect of putting my cortisol levels in permanent over-drive. I can typically fall asleep but staying that way for 7 hours or more rarely happens. On the rare occasion when I do sleep soundly […]

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