You know what they say. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the fire.

For those fellow type A personalities, you probably responded with something along the lines of “turn it up!” Be careful what you ask for.

My motto for this year is “simplify.” Quite the opposite of “turn it up.” It has gotten a bit too hot for me.

The key is to find a moderate temperature. If my life is too simple, I find ways to complicate things. I turn up the heat!

So, here’s a few ways I appreciate the heat and how I recognize when it gets too hot.

I Appreciate Hot Water

The year started with some serious challenges. Anytime I have to deal with a plumbing problem, it feels pretty overwhelming.

Why is that?

Have you ever thought about how many times you use the water in your home? It’s constant. Toilet, sink, shower.

We discovered a leak in the hot water pipe behind the kitchen sink. We heard a hissing sound behind the new dishwasher and steam was coming out of the adjacent cabinet. Too hot!

For the week it took to find the right person to repair it (long story), we limped along with limited access to hot water. And for the last couple of days, we had no hot water at all.

It reminded me of my experience living in a community outside of Rio de Janeiro. To take a hot (better described as warm) shower, I climbed 63 steps to a building perched on a cliff that had a solar heated water tank. You have to want it bad!

So, when the plumbing problems were fixed yesterday, I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I turned on the dishwasher, washing machine, and took a hot shower!

I really appreciate hot (and cold) running water.

I Appreciate Sweating

I’m not much for cold weather. I love being warm…even sweating.

One of our neighbors is having a new heating and air conditioning system installed by a local company. Their name? 72 Degrees. I guess that’s the temperature that suits most people. It’s not warm enough for me!

Yesterday, after the plumbing problem was resolved, I celebrated with a trip to the spa. I spent almost an hour on the BioMat and then enjoyed the steam room. Sweating out the toxic emotions of the last couple of weeks was just what the doctor ordered.

As the heat rose, I was throwing off the blankets and taking cold showers. It got too hot…even for me. Afterwards, I felt detoxified and blissful.

I really appreciate sweating.

I Appreciate the Sun

Just as the plumbers were finishing up, the rain gave way to the sun. It warms up almost immediately.

I love feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. The sun makes the world a brighter place.

Las Vegas Desert Heat

The sun can get pretty intense in the desert southwest.

For over 30 years, I lived in Las Vegas. I must admit that the mid-August sun was way too intense for just about any organic creature…including this one. It was impossible to enjoy it. Rather, you ran for shade.

When I moved to the south, I thought I’d appreciate the seasons and a respite from the sun. After several years, the extended periods of cloudy skies started getting to me. I NEEDED the sun! Even the mid-August desert sun sounded good.

I really appreciate the sun.

So, I realize that I like it warm (even hot) but it is possible to overdo it. I’m going to try simplifying. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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About the Author

Dr. Gala Gorman is an entrepreneur…consultant, mediator, broker, publisher and, formerly, accounting firm partner. This experience helped shape the creation of the show. As a change facilitator, she ignites transformation in businesses, families, students, clients and, especially, within herself. When asked about why she created the show, Gorman said: “Developing awareness is what's worked for me. In fact, I'm a bit of an Awareness Addict. And, I'm hoping you'll become addicted too.”