Technology | It Just Works

Today I picked up my sister in law from the airport. She flew in from Maui to see her dad in the hospital and help with his care. He is still in the hospital (in intensive care) from the “steam room incident” of a couple of days ago. As I put some thought into what […]

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Memories | Human Building Blocks

The experience in the hospital with my father-in-law recently brought back a lot of memories from 15 years ago with my mom and her treatment for cancer. She relapsed several years ago and has now been gone for over two years but it could have been last month for all I knew. Memories are very […]

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Emergency | Most Surreal Birthday

I’m a bit late with this post. It was my birthday. So, I do have an excuse. But, sadly, no…I was not celebrating. I spent the majority of the day and evening at the hospital in the midst of a medical emergency. You see, I love the steam room. Not the sauna…it’s the steam I […]

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Flaws | They Don’t Need to be Fatal

Today I am noticing and appreciating flaws. Actually, I’m noticing how I focus on the flaw(s) which are typically 10% or less of the experience. Something might be 90+% perfect but I notice the 10%. What’s that about? So, I choose to see the perfection in it. The 10% or so that is the “beauty […]

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