Gratitude and Appreciation | Same but Different to Raise Awareness

There is a difference between appreciation and gratitude. Many of us use gratitude and appreciation interchangeably. But, I want to encourage you to consider this. When we express gratitude, typically there is an expectation of something in return. We are grateful for something someone did for us. Or, if someone is expressing gratitude to us, […]

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Challenges | PTSD from Doberman Gang Escapee

  If you’re a late Boomer like me, you may recall the early 70s movie “The Doberman Gang.” While it didn’t win best picture, it was considered great family entertainment. The Doberman Gang Movie length: 87 min. Release year: 1973. Genres: Action; Comedy; Crime Directors: Byron Chudnow Credits: The Doberman Gang | Watch movies online, download […]

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Practice | It Doesn’t Have To Make Perfect

We’ve all heard the saying…and may have even repeated it, “practice makes perfect.” Being a recovering perfectionist, anytime I find myself striving for perfection it’s a sign of impending danger. Perfection is elusive. If you’ve ever been to the dog races, you’ll recall that the announcer cries “Here comes the rabbit.” The dogs are released […]

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Wisdom | It Requires Discernment and Experience

I have been working on my theme for the new year. Yes, I know. I’m a bit late with it. I do have really good excuses but they’re still just that…excuses! My meditation and study time this morning produced an interesting and valuable bit of insight while pondering for an appropriate theme. I would say […]

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