0013: Feeling Stuck in Your Life – Declutter Your Mind

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If you are feeling like it’s time to make a change, you may be feeling some fear. One of the big reasons we resist change is fear of the unknown. By proactively cutting ties to something we’ve been attached to, we create space for something new to come in. This is sometimes referred to as a vacuum that the universe is on a mission to fill for you. What if the new isn’t an improvement? It’s a valid fear, but we can meet it head on and redirect it … if we don’t allow it to control us.

In this episode, you will:

  • Learn to make change to create space for new in their lives
  • Confront the fear of change
  • Become aware of ways life gets cluttered and learn what to do about it

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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [01:47] —The article came from a website called Sparefoot.com and it was titled, “How to Get Your Spouse to Get Organized.” Hopefully, you see the problem with this …
  • [08:20] —Aware Appreciation.
  • [10:37] —Should you proactively cut ties to something you’ve become attached to? If so, it’s going to create space for something new to come in.
  • [11:00] —I am going to refer to a concept in this episode called “divine decongestion.” If you look to the definition of congested, it means not breathing easily.
  • [12:05] —Sources of clutter don’t have to be just stuff. We can clutter our minds with thoughts or distract ourselves with clutter in the form of …
  • [17:44] —Many years ago, I was contemplating leaving the field of professional accounting. In case you didn’t know, I am a CPA and built a successful financial services firm with a partner …
  • [19:18] —I have expectations for what my partner should give me. When it doesn’t happen, I am disappointed and blame them for not giving me what I want.


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About the Author

Dr. Gala Gorman is an entrepreneur…consultant, mediator, broker, publisher and, formerly, accounting firm partner. This experience helped shape the creation of the show. As a change facilitator, she ignites transformation in businesses, families, students, clients and, especially, within herself. When asked about why she created the show, Gorman said: “Developing awareness is what's worked for me. In fact, I'm a bit of an Awareness Addict. And, I'm hoping you'll become addicted too.”