0009: How to Stop Negative Thinking and Self-Sabotaging Behavior

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In this episode, we’re going to acquaint ourselves with that voice in our heads. Honestly, some of the things it says seem illogical . . . even irrational. It has tremendous power over us, though, if it is allowed to prattle on unchecked. If we give that voice much freedom, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, that voice can actually serve us. But we have to show it who’s boss.

In this episode, you will:

  • Develop control over that nagging voice in your head
  • Identify the situations you are most likely to self-sabotage in order to avoid them in the future
  • Learn to engage in positive self-talk to eliminate the negative voice

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Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [01:31] —There was an article on CNN recently that talked about Uber, if any of you have used Uber . . .
  • [05:02] —Aware Appreciation.
  • [07:21] —Once we’re starting to make some progress, the voice in your head may get really loud. “Things look great now, but you know that won’t last.”
  • [07:45] —How do we recognize this self-sabotage process before it gets some momentum going?
  • [12:52] —So, how do you recognize it? How do you begin to cut its power off? First, you prepare in advance.
  • [16:08] —One of the ways that we can do this reverse engineering process that I’ve talked to you about is name the voice in your head.
  • [17:48] —How do I stay positive even when I feel like I’m forced to do things I don’t want to do?


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About the Author

Dr. Gala Gorman is an entrepreneur…consultant, mediator, broker, publisher and, formerly, accounting firm partner. This experience helped shape the creation of the show. As a change facilitator, she ignites transformation in businesses, families, students, clients and, especially, within herself. When asked about why she created the show, Gorman said: “Developing awareness is what's worked for me. In fact, I'm a bit of an Awareness Addict. And, I'm hoping you'll become addicted too.”